ITIL Processes


ITIL Processes

According to the 2011 update of ITIL, called ITIL version 3, there are 26 ITIL processes. ITIL processes are very easy to work with and they help organization easily achieve their goals or objectives.

There has been many debate about the total number of ITIL processes and this is because a lot of persons still confuse the 2011 update with the version 2. However, the ITIL processes you are about to read is the complete and accurate one has approved by the ITIL certification governing body.
ITIL processes are 26 in number, because it is a summation of all the processes that cuts across the ITIL service lifecycle, which stated as follows:

  Service Strategy

  Service Design

  Service Transition

  Service Operation

  Continual Service Improvement

The 26 ITIL Processes

Service Strategy

This helps to determine the best strategy to serve customers from the point of customer and market place need assessment. it determines the services IT organization offers , in other words it regulates the activities of IT organization in a particular pattern. The processes under this stage include:

  Strategy Management for IT Services

  Service Portfolio Management

  Demand Management

  Financial Management for IT Services

  Business Relationships Management


Service Design

As the name implies, this helps to design new IT services. However the process does not only create new IT designs but it also changes and improves existing ones. The processes here include:

  Design Coordination

  Service Catalogue Management

  Service Level Management

  Risk Management

  Capacity Management

  Availability Management

  IT Service Continuity Management

  Information Security Management

  Compliance Management

  Architecture Management

  Supplier Management


Service Transition

This help to build and deploy IT services. It also ensures that changes to services and service management processes are carried out in a well structured manner. The processes include:

  Change Management

  Change Evaluation

  Project Management (Transition Planning and Support)

  Application Development

  Release and Deployment Management

  Service Validation and Testing

  Service Asset and Configuration Management

  Knowledge Management


Service Operation

This ensures that IT services are properly delivered. This process includes:

  Event Management

  Incident Management

  Request Fulfillment

  Access Management

  Problem Management

  IT Operations Control

  Facilities Management

  Application Management

  Technical Management


Continual Service Improvement

This helps to learn from past successes and failures. This process aims to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT processes. This process includes:

  Technical Management

  Process Evaluation

  Definition of CSI Initiatives

  Monitoring of CSI Initiatives

This the summary of all the ITIL processes according to the 2011 update. However, the total number of ITIL processes are still be debated, as some still maintains that there are 26 ITIL processes.

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