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ITIL Training in Birmingham is Scrutinized, Trusted and Accredited

Fully accredited training to ensure we deliver premium quality learning globally…


Key Features

check-icon  Course content Accredited by APMG

check-icon  Industry Lowest Price

check-icon  World-class instructors

check-icon  Pre-course & ITIL Manual

check-icon  3 Days Intensive Classroom Training

check-icon  Certification Exams Included

check-icon  High Quality e-learning Contents

check-icon  Practice questions & workbook

check-icon  Thousands Certified Through Us

check-icon  Real-life Examples & Case studies

check-icon  After training support available

check-icon  High Success Rate

ITIL Training in Birmingham and Our Venue

Birmingham is a major city in England. It is the largest and most populous British city beside London. Birmingham’s metropolitan area is the second most populous in the UK with a population of 3.8 million. Birmingham is also the 8th most populous metropolitan area in Europe.

The city grew into prominence in the 18th century during the enlightenment age and after the industrial revolution era. The industrial era puts the city at the forefront of advances in science and technology, and economic development.

Birmingham laid the foundation for so many modern industries so well that in 1791, it was referred to as the first manufacturing town in the world. The city can take its place again as a global leader, especially in the area of landmark projects and delivery of quality it services. However, this can only be achieved if ITIL training in Birmingham is considered as top priority.

What can be regarded as the most important invention in British history, the industrial steam engine, was invented in Birmingham. This of course resulted in a high social mobility and allowed for a business boom.

ITIL Training in Birmingham

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ITIL Training in Birmingham

ITIL training in Birmingham is specially designed with the Birmingham City as a whole in mind. The venues are carefully selected to support learning across the city and the surrounding areas.


The ITIL training in Birmingham offers all the ITIL courses i.e. ITIL foundation, ITIL practitioner, ITIL intermediate, ITIL MALC.


The ITIL practitioner is a recent addition to the ITIL courses and this change is also reflected in our ITIL training in Birmingham. Prior to now, candidates start from the ITIL foundation and after passing they move directly to choosing an appropriate ITIL intermediate course that depends on their specific requirements. However, with the new change candidates can still pass from the foundation level to the intermediate stage, as the ITIL practitioner is not a prerequisite for ITIL intermediate courses.


We have been conducting ITIL training in Birmingham for several years with enough experience in training sessions and interacting with our delegates. We utilize our experience in upgrading our facilities across the city to ensure the convenience of our delegates and also help them have a great learning experience.


In addition, we also give room for on-site training. This is for organizations in remote areas, please contact us to enable us to serve you better. You can rest assured we will deliver quality training for you or your organizations.


Please contact us today to discuss your ITIL training in Birmingham or indeed any other training courses.

ITIL Training in Birmingham – Course Objectives

The ITIL Training in Birmingham course covers the fundamentals and the core component of ITIL which addresses and provide a broad integration between IT and business strategy. Those core components are the five core publication of ITIL: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

Delegate will gain the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the following:

  ITIL Qualification Scheme

  ITIL terminology, Key principles and models

  Service Management as a Practice

  Generic Concepts




ITIL Training in Birmingham- Eligibility

ITIL Foundation does not require any pre-requisite criteria

ITIL Practitioner requires candidates to have passed the ITIL Foundation certification examination

ITIL Intermediate( Lifecycle and Capability Streamrequires candidates to have passed any of the following certification examinations:

  ITIL Foundation certification examination

  ITIL Practitioner certification examination

There are currently six levels to becoming an ITIL Master:

  ITIL Foundation certification examination

  ITIL Practitioner certification examination

  ITIL Intermediate( Lifecycle and Capability Stream) certification examination

  Managing Across the Lifecycle certification examination

  ITIL Expert

  ITIL Master

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ITIL Training in Birmingham – What you will get

At, we don’t just train; we offer more benefits:

  Accredited courses

  3day intensive and interactive Instructor-led classroom training

  Official ITIL foundation certificate by Axelos

  Pre-course and work book

  Course Manual

  Exam practice questions

  Quality course content

  Qualified and accredited trainers

  Mock exam

  Tutor support

  ITIL foundation Certification exam

  Rich and quality eLearning content

  High responsive support centre

  100% success rate

  After training support available

  Good value for money

ITIL Training in Manchester – Why us

Qualified and certified trainers: All our instructors are ITIL accredited to train all ITIL courses and hold other accreditations with several years of work and training experience.

Accredited courses: Our ITIL Foundation course and other courses offered by are accredited by APMG International.

E-Learning Course content: Delegates are given online access to our interactive e-learning before and after the training.

Mock tests: We conduct mock tests and reviews at the end of every learning module and training session.

Optimal class size: We have an optimal class size for better training facilitation and improve delegate’s interaction and understanding.

Pass rate: Excellent ITIL® foundation examination pass rates of (98%)

Value for money: No more outrageous training and exam fee – we are the cheapest ever! All trainings and exams included in our price

Flexibility: We design our training with you in mind, giving you weekday, weekend, eLearning and ITIL foundation exam only options

ITIL Training in Birmingham – Target Audience

  Individuals seeking to understand the basic knowledge of the ITIL Framework and how it may be employed to improve the quality of IT Service Management within an Organization

  IT professionals who work in organizations that have accepted and adapted ITIL with the need to be informed to contribute to an on-going service improvement

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ITIL Training in Birmingham – ITIL Foundation Sample

Birmingham’s economy is largely dominated by the service sector. The city is a major international commercial centre, ranked as a beta− world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network and an important transport, retail, events and conference hub.

The Birmingham metropolitan economy is the second largest in the United Kingdom with a GDP of $121.1bn (2014).

Its six universities make it the largest centre of higher education in the country outside London. It has over 80,000 students. Aston is a ready employment pool for organizations, however the decision of who to employ is largely based on the skills individuals have to offer. This is why ITSM training in Birmingham has to be introduced to the students.

It houses two strong premier league football clubs i.e. Birmingham city FC and Aston villa FC. Aston villa FC was established in the year 1874 while Birmingham City FC was established in the year 1875, just a year after the first one.

ITIL Foundation Course

Deji Ariyo

Lead Trainer

Qualifications: B.Sc, MBA [Cranfield], PRINCE2, PMP, ITIL Expert, MSP, MoP, M_o_R, P3O, MoV, PPS, PMD Pro, Certified Facilitator, Six Sigma Certified).

Work Experience: Deji is a result-driven Project Director with over 17 years of delivering value to organizations such as: Murray international Group, BskyB, Vodafone, Charteris Plc, CDA Solutions, ChevronTexaco, Gateway Bank and UACN

He is also an international coach, mentor, consultant and trainer in Change Management, who has driven the skills and expertise in PPM (Portfolio, Programme, Project, Risk and Value Management) and ITSM (IT Service Management and Governance) for over 15 years.

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ITIL-Training is owned by Harrybaker Training and Consulting UK, which is a fully Accredited Training Organisation by APMG International with registration number 10251393.

WE ARE THE BEST/WORLD CLASS STATUS: We are the leading training institute in the UK and beyond. Our professionalism has been proven over the years. So many of our past delegates still thanking us for a job well done.

HIGHLY EXPERIENCED AND ACCREDITED TRAINERS: We have certified ITIL trainers with over 14 years of experience. Our trainers have both fieperience. Our trainers have both field and classroom experience and they are just perfect to equip you for your certifications.

OUR ACCESIBLE LOCATIONS: We are available in all cities of the UK. We can also organize onsite training for your organization.

WORLD CLASS ENGAGEMENT PROCESS: Our training is conducted in a very conducive and learning friendly classroom across the cities of the UK. Our trainers make learning fun and worthwhile.

ACCREDITED COURSES: Our ITIL Foundation course and other courses offered by ITIL Training are accredited by APMG International.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We define success as we being able to meet your needs satisfactorily. We ensure you get the worth of your money, time and more.

RELEVANT PRACTICE TESTS: To ensure you are adequately prepared, we organize practice questions and exams for all our students. We organize the questions using our understanding of how the main exams had been over the years.

IN-TRAINING QUIZZES: We prepare our delegates by organizing quick in-training quizzes even when not expected to familiarize them with what they will expect in the exams.

FREE E-LEARNING (WHERE AVAILABLE): Once you register for our classroom training, we assure you of free manuals to enable you to prepare well. This could also be through our eLearning portal.

HIGH-QUALITY TRAINING MATERIALS: All the materials we use for our training are of high quality and in sync with the APMG and AXELOS standards. We intentionally ensure quality to make our delegates have a great learning experience.

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE: Our prices are very affordable and it accommodates everyone regardless of the size of their income. We are about the most affordable training institute in the UK.

EXAM APPLICATION PROCESS: We help you make the whole process enjoyable. We will also assist you with the exam application process, to ensure you do not make any error or encounter any difficulty during the application process. 
You can click here to see what our past students have to say about us.

Are the ITIL Training in Birmingham courses accredited?

Yes, all our ITIL training in Birmingham courses are fully accredited by APMG international

What time does the course start and finishes each day?

We normally start around 9am and finish at 6pm. This varies depending on your engagement and the length of coffee breaks.

Who conducts the ITIL Training in Birmingham?

We have fully certified instructors with vast years of experience using the ITIL® framework

What would I get when I enrol for the ITIL Training in Birmingham?

We will provide you our pre-course reading which includes our award winning e-Learning and work book, our courseware folder, the official Axelos certificates, and refreshments.

Are there any prerequisites for your ITIL Courses?

There are no prerequisites for sitting the ITIL Foundation Course and exam. However, you must pass the ITIL Foundation to qualify for the ITIL Practitioner and Intermediate exams.

Will I be given any certificate after the training?

Yes, delegates will be given certificates after the ITIL Training in Birmingham

When do I receive my certificate?

You will receive the softcopy of your certificate within a week after your examination.

How can I enroll for any of the ITIL training in Birmingham course?

You can easily enroll for any of the ITIL training course by clicking on your choice on the table above.

Does this training include the ITIL certification exams?

Yes, our entire ITIL course includes your ITIL® certification exam except when you purchase our e-Learning only

Will I get a manual if I register for ITIL training in Birmingham?

Yes, we will provide you with an up-to-date soft copy manual as approved by APMG. However, if you register for just the ITIL exam and/or the exam practice questions, you will not be getting a manual from us.

Can I get a refund, if i cancel my course enrolment?

Yes, you can cancel your ITIL Training in Birmingham course enrolment and get a refund after deducting the administration fee. Please click here to view our terms and condition

Can I pay for any of your ITIL Training in Birmingham courses online?

Yes, you can pay for all our ITIL courses online via PayPal or credit cards.

Can I order for your ITIL Training in Birmingham study materials online?

Yes, with a little fee you can get all our ITIL Training in Birmingham study materials online.

Can I take ITIL Training in Birmingham classes remotely?

Yes, we can organize our ITIL training in Birmingham for any remote location.

Can I write any of the “ITIL Training in Birmingham” exam online?

Yes, there is provision to write any of the ITIL courses examination online.

Does this course include the ITIL certification exams?

Yes, our entire ITIL course includes your ITIL® certification exam except when you purchase our e-Learning only

Are the “ITIL Training in Birmingham” exam questions multiple choice, essay style or both?

The exam questions for ITIL foundation is multiple choice while the ITIL practitioner and intermediate levels are scenario based.

Are there weekend classes?

No, but it can be arranged. Please kindly contact us for weekend classes.

Browse through our other ITIL Training Locations which you might be of interest to you. 
ITIL Training; Your best global provider.

Browse through our other ITIL Course Training Locations which you might be of interest to you. 
ITIL Training; Your best global provider.


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